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Application to help Jakarta comutter and people that wanted to explore jakarta using its mass transportation infrastructure. This apps will give a quick guide about the travel route that you will take from your TransJakarta Start point to its end point. It will also give you information if you need to switch between koridors in your travel route. You can also view a map of available TransJakarta route in our map section. And using gps, in this map you can find out where is the nearest TransJakarta shelter from your current location

Other than transjakarta route, komutta also gives information about KRL Schedule. You can pick a line that you usually commute in, the station, and then the schedule for the arriving train. You can pick to show all of the train schedule, or the train schedule that will arrived shortly (1 hour)

Some of its other feature are :

  • a selection of 'halte' separated by coridors
  • autocomplete text for people that familiar with the 'halte' name
  • searching for route between start and destination, and where to transit if necessary
  • color coded route in search result
  • full or compact result for searching route
  • Map for TransJakarta Route, equipped with compas, and your gps location
  • KRL Schedule, with line and station info
  • Taxi menu
  • Patas AC menu
  • Favorite List
  • Support Indonesian Languge
  • Share search result using email

Exploring Indonesia : Komodo Island (EIKI)


is an application intended to promote one of Indonesia's wonderful Tourism Spot, The Komodo National Park. It is designed to help people to know, go and explore The Komodo National Park.

The application generally separated into four main section :

  • The Wonders
  • Explore
  • Go To Komodo Island
  • Maps

The Wonders would tell you about the History, Wildlife, Diving Site and all of other Komodo National Park wonderful nature and uniqueness.

With Explore menu the things you need and the things that you can do while you're on Komodo National Park. You can find activities such as watching Komodo Dragon in their natural habitat, bird watching, trekking, diving, snorkling, water sport, fishing or visit the villages for their cultural heritage. We also provide information about hotel (complete with its price range), restaurant, bar, and other places you need to know to make your visit on Komodo National Park more Enjoyable !

Going to Komodo National Park is the section that will help you to find information such as Air Plane ticket, schedule, or Travel Agent that can arrange your visit to the Komodo National Park.

And the last part is the Map. The map will help you in navigating your way around Komodo National Park. Planning and looking for places that would interest you. Or just having fun reading the description of the avalaible POI.
To help you navigating around the map, you can use the Go To Location action at the top of the activity. Or you can filter the available POI, based on category that matched your current interest.

We hope you would visit Komodo National Park and enjoy its beauty and unique experience. Happy exploring !



Application for managing your personal finance. Our goals is to give you the easiest way to manage and control your finance. We are aiming for as little click as possible while trying to leverage the benefit of android platform.

With features such as : 

  • A simple flow of UI to input your transaction
  • Categorized Transaction
  • Daily Transaction Report
  • Balance Report
  • And Category Report that will give you the easiest access to know which category that dominate your expense in particular day.
  • Export and Importing to XML Files



Cinemator is an android based application. This application shows what movie is playing on your local theather this week, their schedule, Coming Soon Movies, and also the theater address and phone number

Cinemator also offer added value for the community that uses Cinemator. Such as Rating and comment system for a movie that you watch. Other people in the community can use the rating and comment given by other user to decide weather they want to watch the movie or not.



This Apps consist of 3 part :

  • TV Stream, where you can watch Indonesia's TV Station
  • Schedule, for Indonesia public and cable TV
  • User content

In TV Stream, you can choose between 3 alternative stream (max) The blue button marks HLS Stream, it only works for android 3.0 and above. The red button marks Flash Stream, you need to install the latest flash plugin for it to work. 
To install the flash plugin manually, please follow this guide :

We have Indovision TV Schedule (Over 83 Channel with 600 show each month). Also MNC TV, Metro TV, and Siaran langsung (Football).

For Indovision users at home, this apps enabled you to set an alarm for the show that you want to watch. And also you can input the channel directly, because each channel number is listed on the top of the screen.

User content is a new concept. Where the stream is not a TV Channel. But the things that we think it's interesting for our user. Such as the traffict live stream(updated daily) for some city. In the future it is possible that our user can contribute to the user content.



Komposatron is a multipurpose text editor. You can compose any kind of text for GMail, SMS, Twitter or Facebook update. 

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